Thursday, October 18, 2007

new books!

i was going through this terrible lull. i'm still knda in it. but i couldn't start or finish anything and i was frustrated about everything, about life and all that.
but then... i finished something! and then i finished another. i hadn't really made any books since that craft show in september.

here are two of three portraits i'm doing for the band. i still need to draw kevin but he's never around.

kevin where are you? i herd you were sad, come around and we'll make you happy again!

i'm thinking of redoing dave's portrait though. i keep thinking he looks like a caveman on those gico commercials. the other one is me. it's the first self portrait i've ever drawn where i'm smiling. these were drawn then scaned. and colored in photoshop. oh, and when i draw kevin i have to remember to make sure he dosen't turn his head to the right.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

lexi lee found the computer!

...and realized that maybe her drawings aren't so bad after all (when put in the right context).
oh! my eyes hurt so bad! i've been sitting in front of the computer all night, but it's been hard to tear myself away. i made a couple other things that blogger wouldn't let me upload. there were more paisly things and a leaf motif.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

i predict the re-emergence of the 80's surfer/ skater look. i'm thinking that these will sell okay. i looked at the aplication for this new craft fair in LA... $200 vendor fee!? (that shit is wack!). didn't get accepted to felt club (boooo). got accepted to the craft republic but turned it down cuz i gotta see jens lekman that same night (love is more important than money!).