Tuesday, December 11, 2007

here are a few new things i had at the christmas handmade revolution craft fair.
i also, had a christmas tree, i'll post pictures of that later

for my step dad's birthday, my mom told everyone coming to his birthday party not to bring presents for him, but for his 4 year old niece who has been diagnosed with cancer.
i stayed up till 5 in the morning making this duck. it is simultaneously the most adorable and the ugliest thing i have ever made!

oh! i haven't updated this blog in so long!... sorry. well i've been very
busy with school, but i managed to finally finish my blanket! i started this thing maybe 8 months or so ago. so i'm excited to have it done! well it still needs a few loose strings tucked in. but it's basically finished.

above: chris tests out the blanket for the first time

below: i take a picture of myself with my blanket before i go to bed. this was our first night together!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

i made my garden grow!

so yesterday i went out to water my little garden, all excited and anxious because i didn't have time to water it the day before. and what i saw was so cute that i had to take pictures and post them here.
so first i watered the herbs, they were doing fine as usual, and then i went to my sugar snap pea plant. it has been growing so fast, so i made a note that it was about 2 and a half inches taller than the trellis. and then only two days later, when i went out to look it was about 8 inches taller than the trellis. so exciting! and.... it also had bloomed it's first flower! it was about the most adorable flower i had ever seen, so i took a picture.
then i watered my broccoli ad cucumbers... same old story with them.... and then to the newest addition, my tomato plant. not much was new with it but it had the cutest little dew drops on it. i swear i almost died right then and there. the dewdrops and the flower were just to much, combined with all the happy i feelings i get from my garden on any regular day.
the dewdrops are hard to see. click on the picture and enlarge it!

here's a demo cover i made to send to a lovely band from idaho who wanted to do a cd swap. it's made from the same old stuff but i added some shrinkidinks!

the demo they sent us was also handmade.. i love it!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

new books!

i was going through this terrible lull. i'm still knda in it. but i couldn't start or finish anything and i was frustrated about everything, about life and all that.
but then... i finished something! and then i finished another. i hadn't really made any books since that craft show in september.

here are two of three portraits i'm doing for the band. i still need to draw kevin but he's never around.

kevin where are you? i herd you were sad, come around and we'll make you happy again!

i'm thinking of redoing dave's portrait though. i keep thinking he looks like a caveman on those gico commercials. the other one is me. it's the first self portrait i've ever drawn where i'm smiling. these were drawn then scaned. and colored in photoshop. oh, and when i draw kevin i have to remember to make sure he dosen't turn his head to the right.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

lexi lee found the computer!

...and realized that maybe her drawings aren't so bad after all (when put in the right context).
oh! my eyes hurt so bad! i've been sitting in front of the computer all night, but it's been hard to tear myself away. i made a couple other things that blogger wouldn't let me upload. there were more paisly things and a leaf motif.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

i predict the re-emergence of the 80's surfer/ skater look. i'm thinking that these will sell okay. i looked at the aplication for this new craft fair in LA... $200 vendor fee!? (that shit is wack!). didn't get accepted to felt club (boooo). got accepted to the craft republic but turned it down cuz i gotta see jens lekman that same night (love is more important than money!).

Friday, September 28, 2007

i made this for a school assignment. felt and love

here's a flyer i made for an upcoming show i'm excited about. the second picture is the way the clouds looked before i ironed them down. i kinda like them better that way but oh well. it's a good idea for next time

Sunday, September 9, 2007

after the mad rush last weekend to get things done for the show, i decided to take a much needed break. but i'm back now and it feels great! i went to michael's to get wood for more books, and i almost didn't get this box because i was sure it would just sit on my desk and never get painted. but i surprised myself and started this painting that night.

i love painting old men. i always fall in love with them. i'm madly in love with the one in the top hat. the one in the lower right hand corner is my second choice. these men are from hamburg.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

these i made at the very last minute, the night before the craft fair. the drawings of the horse and cowgirl i copied from a book. and the monster drawing was done by one of the kids at the summer camp i worked at. but i painted them myself.
i LOVED these, i thought they were so great. but none of them sold, sadly.
i did do pretty well though. i sold quite a bit, made some money and met some nice people. a lot of my friends came to visit and say hi which was really cool and my mom and step dad came and bought me food and coffee and kept me company. it was a long day, and really really hot! all of the smaller wooden books sold with the exception of the two pictured here. i want to start selling things at the art walk next month. and my goal will be to get into the LA bizarre bazarre or felt club. although i looked at the application for the SF bizarre bazaar today and the entry fee was $120. too steep for me!

my sister finally put these up in the baby's room. i'm pretty happy with the way they look

Thursday, August 30, 2007

here are some samples of other things i'm selling at the craft revolution on saturday. it's mostly books but i have some pouches too.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

i've seen the idea for these needle books before, and i decided to make my own! it's so handy

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

stegosaurus is hard to spell

yes yes yes! i love my stegosaurus! he's so fat and funny! and a little lopsided, but that's okay.

and here's some very good news. i heard yesterday that i got into the craft fair i applied to at viento y agua. so for the next two weeks i'll be working like mad trying to finish all the stuff i want to sell. (including this stegy). you will probably see pictures of all of it popping up on here.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

here's a birthday card for my dad. if i was filthy rich i would have bought him one of the bikes we fell in love with in Holland. but i'm not so he just got a gift card so he could buy himself a cool saddlebag.

Friday, July 27, 2007

sometimes i have entirely too much free time at work!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

i made these pins a long time ago... i'm not sure why i didn't post them before.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

so i haven't posted anything in a while because i've been in europe. but here's something i made while i was there.
i stayed with this family for a while in the netherlands, and this little boy let me sleep in his room, so i made him this little fortune teller out of felt. the fortunes inside are love, peace, health and happiness, and they're embroidered in corresponding colors. i was worried that he wouldn't understand what the words meant, because he only speaks a few words of english, but he understood pretty well. he gave me a big, beautiful "thank you" and a big smile when i gave it to him. his mom said to me later that he said it was the prettiest present he's ever gotten! okay, enough bragging.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

here's david in his new tee-shirt.