Sunday, June 22, 2008

handmade rev!!

here are some books i made for the handmade revolution. and above are the finger puppets i posted about earlier. i sold all the cloud books, they were my favorite too! but none of the ax books or finger puppets.
i'm on tour right now with my band, and i brought the finger puppets along with me to sell. i sold two the other night!

bronto and stego

here are some stegos and something new! brontos!!! i made them for the 3rd handmade revolution at viento y agua. i made many more than what's pictured, but i only sold one. they put the crafters out back this year so it was a pretty slow event. i guess it's good cuz i won't have to work as hard for the next one, and when i get back from my trip and get around to starting my etsy shop, i will actually have stuff to put in it.

wow, i suck at updating latley, sorry. i made these for my sisters baby shower. it was a fairy tail theme. so i came up with this for the invitations. when they were all done, my mom wrote "once upon a time" on the front, and "a princess was about to be born" on the inside, along with all the shower info. i think they turned out pretty cute