Monday, January 28, 2008

and another commission for a lovely lady named amanda! its a ladybug with heart spots. fitting for valentines day maybe?

a commission for a lovely lady named sheryl

Monday, January 21, 2008

my friend chris lynch loves my honeybees song, so i made him a honeybee finger puppet and a little brown bear to keep him company.

this paper cutter was the best purchase i ever made!

Friday, January 11, 2008

eewww... i'm so disgusted at myself for how bad i am at keeping this updated. i feel like i've been crafting non-stop, but never seem to have anything to put up here.

well.... for the christmas season i made this bunny for my friend jenna to give to her boyfriend russel, because russel bought a giraffe that i made and has been bugging me to make him an elephant, but then jenna said that his favorite animal was a bunny. i should mention here that russel is very macho and no questions about his manhood should arise here.

i made a scarf for my roommate. but i forgot to take a picture of it. after i gave it to him we went to a bar and there were these gross ladies dancing, and he went out and started dancing with them, wrapping the scarf around them and reeling them in. it was funny, and at the same time, not that funny.

and i also make a pair of rad mittens for my good friend clarke. i also forgot to take a picture of them, even though i had envisioned the perfect picture of clarke with his mittens on. and i'm making this amazing present for chris, and i still have to make daniel's present. i figure they are the two people who know me best and wont mind if their christmas presents are a few weeks late.

here's what my christmas tree looked like... very crafty!