Thursday, November 1, 2007

i made my garden grow!

so yesterday i went out to water my little garden, all excited and anxious because i didn't have time to water it the day before. and what i saw was so cute that i had to take pictures and post them here.
so first i watered the herbs, they were doing fine as usual, and then i went to my sugar snap pea plant. it has been growing so fast, so i made a note that it was about 2 and a half inches taller than the trellis. and then only two days later, when i went out to look it was about 8 inches taller than the trellis. so exciting! and.... it also had bloomed it's first flower! it was about the most adorable flower i had ever seen, so i took a picture.
then i watered my broccoli ad cucumbers... same old story with them.... and then to the newest addition, my tomato plant. not much was new with it but it had the cutest little dew drops on it. i swear i almost died right then and there. the dewdrops and the flower were just to much, combined with all the happy i feelings i get from my garden on any regular day.
the dewdrops are hard to see. click on the picture and enlarge it!

here's a demo cover i made to send to a lovely band from idaho who wanted to do a cd swap. it's made from the same old stuff but i added some shrinkidinks!

the demo they sent us was also handmade.. i love it!