Tuesday, February 19, 2008

damn... my friends know just what i need

so i'm trying to get rid of a lot of the crap that i have, but i'm only doing it to make room for more craft supplies! a few weeks ago my friend rhea gave me a whole garbage bag of fabric that her friend was gunna throw away. most of the fabric on the shelf here is mine but the stuff rhea gave me accounts for a good third of it. and today my friend kim gave me a bunch of fabric and yarn cuz she's moving into a smaller place. all the stuff she gave me is on the floor. i am simply overjoyed!
note: i need more fabric because my band is doing a video for a song, and we're animating the whole thing with fabric in stop motion. can you help?
another note: for some reason i can't get my spell check to work anymore. i hope no one minds the mistakes

sweater match! but not falling in love material

i'm happy to announce that i found a perfect match for my sweater! i'm not sure why i didn't think of him before, but it's perfect for him! i have a sweater just like it but for girls that i used to wear a long time ago. i'm gunna put a forrest on that one two and then if i'm lucky i can find a matching one for kevin and our little band will have matching uniformes. YES!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

i finally finished chris' christmas preasent. only a month and a half late! it's a stuffed garden gnome cuz he likes garden gnomes. but i didn't take a good picture because i kinda think it's ugly. last year for christmas i made him a stuffed tofu doll. i wonder what he really thinks about these presents.

Monday, February 11, 2008

craft weekend part 2!

i spent a full day making the old man prints and lost an entire night of sleep making the little girl prints. they are both what are called suicide prints, made with a rubber lino block. i made a bunch of them and obviousley put a lot of time into them. and then sold only one little girl print. that was kind of a bummer. but they really filled out my table. without them it would have looked really empty

here are two of the new books i made. there are more but they're not that interesting. the fabric is like prom dress fabric. all shiny and fancy.

and the best for last! the sweater was another goodwill find. and i added a forest to it! i L-O-V-E this sweater. it might be my favorite thing i've ever made... ever! but now i have to deal with the problem of selling it. it's big so it won't fit everyone. and i feel like i cant sell it unless it's to the right person. also, i feel like, when i meet the perfect person for the sweater, i will meet the perfect person for me. the boy who wears this sweater will be the boy i fall in love with, get it? or maybe i will just fall in love with any boy who puts it on.

......like this guy

craft weekend. part 1

over the weekend i did two craft shows!

here is a recap of both. the first one was in downtown LA, my new favorite place. it was in this totally rad space and i met some nice people. and it was slow but i still sold a few things.

and the second one was at the que sera. it was in conjunction with a sukka free sunday show, which i usually do sound for. i got there way late and then had to run back and forth between the sound board and my table. but luckally my buddy josh showed up and helped me out. for which i owe him a burrito. i made a few bucks here and also saw a bunch of new crafters. many boy crafters which i liked, but i didn't have the guts to talk to any of them. as per usual

here's me at my booth at the i made it market. this is an awkward picture of me. as is every picture of me. also, this is at the bigenning of the show which is an awkward time for me. i can't explain why.

i made a couple polaroid photo albums. with what else but a polaraid camera on the front! people seemed to like them

i got some shirts from the goodwill and embelished them. i sold them both to the same girl at the que sera show. i was stoked!

part two comming directly. please ignore the spelling mistakes if you can