Sunday, September 2, 2007

these i made at the very last minute, the night before the craft fair. the drawings of the horse and cowgirl i copied from a book. and the monster drawing was done by one of the kids at the summer camp i worked at. but i painted them myself.
i LOVED these, i thought they were so great. but none of them sold, sadly.
i did do pretty well though. i sold quite a bit, made some money and met some nice people. a lot of my friends came to visit and say hi which was really cool and my mom and step dad came and bought me food and coffee and kept me company. it was a long day, and really really hot! all of the smaller wooden books sold with the exception of the two pictured here. i want to start selling things at the art walk next month. and my goal will be to get into the LA bizarre bazarre or felt club. although i looked at the application for the SF bizarre bazaar today and the entry fee was $120. too steep for me!

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Jolene Torr said...

o lexi lee, keep selling! make money to get into bizarre bazaar and you'll definitely earn it all back. i absolutely love all your things. theyre all so sugary sweet!